Community meeting and group choice

Yesterday we had a meeting with the community. We discussed further steps to be done, chose with which group to work and brainstormed about the community priority.

Seng, lead the meeting with the usual energy and skill.

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Survey resources

Data center has some useful information about how to create surveys

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Community visit

Today we visit the community Sen Reak Reay to prepare the big meeting we will have tomorrow. We had chance to talk with the head of the community to clarify details and tomorrow’s agenda.

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Community survey

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Community improvements

Today we had a meeting to review the first visits to the four communities and to start thinking what communities outside Phnom Penh need? Here some first thoughts…

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Easy Latrine: Best in Show Winner at the 2010 IDEA Awards

Read the rest on worldchanging

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How to solve water issues: the ripple effect project

The Ripple Effect project set out to:
•    improve access to safe drinking water for more than 500,000 of the world’s poorest and most underserved people;
•    seed innovation among local water providers; and
•    build the capacity for future development in the water sector as a whole.

Acumen Fund, a nonprofit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve large-scale problems, brings experience in the water sector and a deep understanding of what brings success to social enterprise. IDEO offers a human-centered approach to designing products, services, and interactions.

Ripple Effect is an innovative model for connecting organizations, providing insight and inspiration, and giving design and business support to entrepreneurs looking to develop new offerings. The project was entirely public: Acumen Fund and IDEO teams worked closely with local companies and NGOs that provide safe drinking water and recorded what they learned so that others may benefit from it.

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Favela Painting

The Favela Painting

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Group B: Site of Toul Rokakoh and Anlong Kngan

Site visited on 30th, june, 2010. 

  Toul Rokakoh community   pdf

Anlong Kngan community  pdf

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Eviction in Cambodia: photo by Aratxa Cedillo

Photo by Arantxa Cedillo

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